Guandong Kexin United Power Co., Ltd.


Company Profile

Guandong Kexin United Power Co., a subsidiary held by Shenzhen Kexin Communication Technology Co., Ltd (Listed company, 300565),integrating R&D, product experience and display, production and delivery.

10 million sets
Annual production capacity
Plant area
20 years
Industry deep cultivation
90 +

Guandong Kexin United Power Co., Ltd(herein after referred to as UP), established in August 2021, is a subsidiary held by Shenzhen Kexin Communication Technology Co., Ltd (herein after referred to as Kexin, 300565). The company's energy industrial park is located in Huiyang District, Huizhou City, with a floor area of 171,126㎡, integrating R&D, product experience and display, production and delivery. The first phase has been put into production with a capacity of 1.3 GWh of lithium iron phosphate prismatic aluminium-case cell and 2GWh of system capacity; The second phase plans an annual cell capacity of 2.2 GWh, with a total capacity of 3.5 Gwh.    


Relying on Kexin's 20 years of development in the communications industry, UP is based on high-end cell manufacturing, with products covering network site energy, household energy storage, distributed energy storage and PV+ESS+charger integration. UP has launched the world's first 2U-48100 network site energy, the thinnest wall-mounted household storage system of the same capacity (5kWh <9cm) and the industry's leading distributed energy storage system.     Backed by its parent company's listed company platform, UP is positioned as a professional energy storage system solution provider. UP has now become a global strategic partner of Ericsson and Nokia. Meanwhile, the company acquired Efore Telecom Finland Oy in 2019 to explore the global market. Responding to the differentiated demands of users, UP has launched Uphold-Blade series, Uphold-Magic Box series, Uphold-Pandora series and other series of products.


Corporate culture


Make energy cleaner


Truthfulness and pragmatism, quality first


Become a trusted, safe and reliable supplier of new energy products to customers

Core competencies

Like-minded strivers with agile and efficient customer response capabilities



In the past 6 years, we have acquired impressive achievements


One million 2U cells sold


Kexin United Power undertaken the first 10 million overseas project order


Kexin United Power released new products - 2U Prismatic Aluminium Case Cells and 5kwh Ultra-thin Wall Mounted Batteries


Kexin United Power was established


Kexin United Power's Cell Research Institute was established and groundbreaking took place at Huiyang, Huizhou Base


Kexin United Power pack product line went live


Kexin United Power battery product line went live


Shenzhen Kexin Communication Technology Co., Ltd was established